Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things.

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1. My initials spell CAR (Carrie Amber Rheingans)

2. ...which is funny since I was born in Flint, MI, formerly known as Buick City.

3. My dad's initials spell CAR too, and when my mom used her maiden name as her middle name while married to my dad, her initials were CAR. My sister's initials are also CAR. We're boring (dorky?) that way.

4. I used to want to be named some sophisticated girl name like Samantha or Alexandra, so I could have a tomboy nickname like Sam or Alex. Spunky! (I would have sucky initials though, so it's a good thing my name's Carrie)

5. I have subscriptions to The Week magazine and The Economist "newspaper" (they call it newspaper when they refer to themselves in articles, but I consider it a magazine...). Having read these weekly for the three years between undergrad and grad school helped me maintain a fast reading pace for grad school.

6. Gonzalo and I started dating on March 4, 2004. March 4th is the only date in the calendar year that is also a complete sentence in English (March forth!).

7. As I write this, I am wearing a pink t-shirt that says "cute n' sassy" on the front. I got it in middle school when I played in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Ludington, MI. It matches perfectly with my favorite pajama pants.

8. In middle school, my two best friends and I would walk to my house after school and play Super Mario Brothers. We did very well until the secret level called Tubular, which took us most of the winter one year to beat. While we kept trying, we ate ice cream made out of snow, sugar, milk, and cocoa powder. mmmmm... dirt!

9. I have formally learned German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and French to some degree. I have also taught myself a bit of Zulu. I want to learn Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Quechua and French well enough to get by. I only consider myself able to get by in English, German and Spanish. The phrase I remember best in each language is "I don't speak ______" which is freakin' useless because then they think I DO speak _______.

10. I love rainbows because I find it hard to have a second-favorite color after blue. This is also why I love images of underwater coral reefs - lots of blue, but other colors too!

11. If I'm unsure what drink to order at a bar, I order whatever appears to be blue and it tastes good. This rule has never failed me.

12. Although I'm a fake-atarian, I have tried ostrich, alpaca, pig's ear, tripe, and I plan to eat ginuea pig this summer in Peru.

13. Most of my graduating class learned the multiplication tables in 3rd grade, but my class didn't. I discovered this in 4th grade and had to stumble along for a year. I still feel at a disadvantage when it comes to multiplication.

14. I was successful at my first attempt at both water skiing and doing a backflip off a diving board. I was unsuccessful at my second attempt at both :-/

15. The truck I drove in high school had more things wrong with it that I could count on all my fingers and toes. Two exchange students I used to drive around in it told me (seperately) that it would be illegal in their home country.

16. The farthest north I have ever been is Ljusdal, Sweden and the farthest south is Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

17. I say "pop" to refer to the carbonated beverage that also goes by the names "soda" and "coke". I am not alone (check out what people call it other than pop, soda, and coke at that link... very interesting)

18. I have never been on Mackinac Island.

19. Depending on how you count us, I am one of seven, four, or two siblings. Nonetheless, I am the oldest of all. BWAhahaha!!

20. The first CD I ever got was Mariah Carey's Christmas CD.

21. When I was a kid, I used to hate Chinese food, yogurt, and potato salad. I like them all now.

22. My best friend from kindergarten (my one year of school in Atlanta, GA) was obsessed with Michael Jackson, so I became obsessed, too. When I moved back to Michigan, I became obsessed with NKOTB.

23. I wanted to be a genetic engineer after I read Jurassic Park in middle school, up until my fourth year of college.

24. I have made my own earrings, necklaces, a silver and moonstone ring, clay beads, a metal bookmark, mosaics, teabags, herbal extracts, and other random stuff I can't remember at the moment.

25. It takes about 10 hair donations to make one wig; I've donated three times.