Sunday, July 31, 2005

In Germany now!

Guten Tag!
Well, I finally left South Africa and now am in Europe. Right now, I’m visiting Bettina, a relative of mine from the town my family came from near Frankfurt (and the keyboard is different, so I apologize in advance if I misspell things, especially things with z and y, because they’re switched from what I’m used to!). Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Rome to meet my friend Ellen (for those of you who remember her from LHS!) for a few days. I’ll then be going to Athens, an as-yet-undetermined island near Athens, London, and Edinburgh until 20 August, when I return to Bettina and the land of beer, bratwurst, and the Rheingans family :-)

I fly back to the US on 24 August, leaving Frankfurt around 1700 and arriving in Detroit around 2300 that same day (flying through Washington DC, Dulles). Those of you who need more details than that will be getting a separate email later (dad, Gonzalo, Shoshana). Other than that, I hope to email a couple more times before I return to the US, though they might not be the monsters I’ve been sending from SA! I’m very excited about the next three weeks, and am looking forward to a different kind of independence.

I miss you and wish I could be visiting all of you in your various corners of the world!


PS: If anyone has extra cash laying around and wants to deposit it into my bank account, please email me for the details and I will gladly give them? eating on this trip will be a nice treat!!

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