Sunday, March 8, 2009

Social Media

Procrastinate much? Why, yes I do!

I'm trying to figure out all this facebooking, Twittering, MySpacing, LinkedIn-ing, Del.ici.ous-ing, blogging, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, blah blah blah stuff for personal and professional purposes. It definitely helped Barack Obama win in November, and I want it to help me mobilize people to make changes they want. The only issue is that Web 2.0/Social Media only work if you have freakin' internet - which some of the communities I want to work with do not have! How to overcome that obstacle?

Right now, I'm following some pretty good updaters on Twitter that post links and such about the latest trends and new apps in the Twitterverse and blogosphere... but it's possibly a full-time job to learn about all this stuff! I'm already a full-time student and AmeriCorps member... sheesh! It takes time to update Twitter, bookmark things on Del.ici.ous, and write blog posts. I'm glad people have been making apps that integrate this stuff! And I'm also glad I got a new cell phone that can do all these crazy things.

Yikes! Time to get back to studying!

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Edward Vielmetti said...

I'd look for tools that the communities you work with can use with the tools they have. Ask people about their cell phone use and what kind of text messaging plans they have to see if something like Twitter via SMS or mobile phone versions of various network systems is a way to get people started.

Some communities have also managed to stretch wireless Internet access further by using mesh networking - e.g. what Wireless Ypsi has done.