Monday, April 27, 2009

Timberrrrr! Global Youth Service Day Gardening in Detroit

Team Detroit's Global Youth Service Day project started off pretty laid back, but ended with cutting down a tree! We started at Eden Garden in northwest Detroit, helping to prepare two large gardens for planting. We met many residents from our cluster (the Greening of Detroit organized Detroit into 10 clusters for garden tool sharing). After that, we got some lunch and headed over to our community garden. After talking to Lindsay from Greening of Detroit, we realized that we should cut down a mostly dead Ash tree that was blocking all of our morning sunlight, and would probably get eaten by the emerald ash borer. Since none of us on Team Detroit is a lumberjack, we enlisted the partner of one team member (whose name is actually Jack!) and his father to help us.

Here's a video of Jack's dad Chuck cutting the front wedge out of the tree:

Here's a video of Jack cutting the tree down while his dad drives the truck away. There's a rope attached to the truck to pull the tree in the direction away from the power lines, the apartment building, and the car parked near the tree...

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